McNamara Fitness Room

McNamara Fitness Room

The McNamara Fitness Center, located in the Jenny Craig Pavilion is a wonderful 4,000 sq. foot facility designed to meet the varied needs of the students and staff. The center has a large cardio area that is equipped with treadmills, two types of bikes, two types of stair steppers and the state of the art free runners by StairMaster. The McNamara Fitness Room also offers the new full line of Hoist Fitness machines. Additionally, free weight activities and programs are available. The McNamara Fitness Room is dedicated to enabling the students and staff at USD to meet their fitness goals through the use of the fitness center.

1. All facility users must present a valid USD ID.

2. Proper attire must be worn at all times. This includes: athletic shoes, T-shirts, and shorts. NO TANK TOPS OR OPEN TOED SHOES.

3. All personal items must be placed in cubbyholes. JCP staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

4. Clean up after yourself. Return all weights and dumbbells to racks and wipe down equipment after use. Do not place weights on floor or against racks.

5. Personal towels will not be provided. Towels will be provided to wipe down equipment only.

6. All drinks must be in plastic bottles. No food is allowed in the facility.

7. Profanity and/or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.

8. Report Any Injuries or broken equipment to staff immediately.

9. No equipment is to leave the fitness center.

10. Olympic collars are to be used at all times.

11. No slamming weight stacks or dropping dumbbells.


Fitness Center hours change monthly. Please click here for the most current hours.