USD receives Institutional Sportsmanship Actions Award from WCC

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Sportsmanship Action Awards

April 23, 2012

The University of San Diego has earned the Institutional Sportsmanship "Actions" Award for Winter 2011-12 for its creation of the "Spirit of the Torero" Facebook page. The West Coast Conference announces a Sportsmanship Team Award winner at the end of each season. The winners are nominated and chosen by the conference Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), and the 2011-12 Winter Sportsmanship Award winners were recently selected on April 19th, 2012.

"Represent" a campaign initially launched by our West Coast Conference Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and Sportsmanship Task Force, challenges everyone (student-athletes, coaches, administrators, and fans) to proudly REPRESENT themselves by engaging in positive, respectful behavior and elevating and celebrating performance through expressions of support, rather than negative behavior.

The Spirit of the Torero is a USD SAAC initiative on Facebook. It provides a forum for USD student-athletes and their supporters get a glimpse of what our Student-Athletes are doing in their sport and in the community. Torero student-athletes are everywhere. They contend for championships and step up for what's right. They support each other at competitions and serve their community. Torero student athletes know that success can only be achieved by reaching a little higher each day. This page captures their actions and ultimately answers the question...Who has the SPIRIT OF THE TORERO?

Visit us at Spirit of the Torero