WCC Honors 110 USD Student-Athletes on Commissioner's Honor Roll

WCC Honor Roll Announced

July 10, 2012

SAN BRUNO, Calif. - The West Coast Conference released its 11th annual Commissioner's Honor Roll on Tuesday, as USD placed 110 student-athletes on the three lists. The WCC Commissioner's Honor Roll recognizes student-athletes that possess at least a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale. The nine WCC schools put a total of 1,093 student-athletes on the list from the 13 sports that the conference sponsors, which is another new league record.

"I would like to congratulate the more than one thousand student-athletes who earned their place on this year's West Coast Conference Commissioner's Honor Roll," said WCC Commissioner Jamie Zaninovich. "Our member institutions are committed to assisting their student-athletes in reaching their highest potential, and breaking the record for number of student-athletes awarded this honor for the fourth year in a row is a testament to that dedication."

Student-athletes received Gold Honors for having a GPA between 3.75 and 4.00, Silver Honors for a 3.50-3.74 and Bronze Honors for a 3.00-3.49.

Below is a list of USD student-athletes who were honored:

USD GOLD HONORS (4.00 to 3.75 GPA)

Name * Sport * Year * Major * GPA
Kathryn Adamson, Women's Cross Country, FR, Undeclared, 3.79
Carrie Baird, Volleyball, JR, Spanish and Business Admin., 3.87
Laura Claus, Women's Tennis, JR, Finance, 3.95
Juliette Coupez, Women's Tennis, SR, Mechanical Engineering, 3.81
Anna Depenau, Women's Tennis, SO, Marketing, 3.86
Taylor Housley, Women's Soccer, SO, Political Science, 3.89
Rita Kuckertz, Women's Cross Country, FR, Undeclared, 3.87
Maddie Levine, Women's Cross Country, JR, English, 3.77
Amy Maddox, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.88
Tiana Maxwell, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.82
Emerald Raney, Women's Cross Country, JR, Psychology, 3.92
Cori Van Dyke, Women's Cross Country, FR, Undeclared, 3.90
Allyson Ward, Rowing, FR, Engineering, 3.86
Caitlin Williams, Women's Soccer, JR, Accountancy, 3.89

USD SILVER HONORS (3.74 to 3.50 GPA)

Name * Sport * Year * Major * GPA
Kirsten Allan, Women's Cross Country, SR, Business Administration, 3.59
Rachel Alvey, Volleyball, SO, Accountancy, 3.57
Kandiss Anderson, Volleyball, RS JR, Communication Studies, 3.67
Mike Bosco, Men's Golf, SO, Finance, 3.61
Cara Brown, Women's Tennis, JR, Visual Arts, 3.68
Alaysia Brown, Volleyball, FR, Undeclared, 3.67
Jacob Bruce, Men's Cross Country, JR, Architecture, 3.73
Andrew Carlisle, Men's Tennis, FR, Undeclared, 3.59
Garrison Daly, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.53
Sophia Ederaine, Women's Basketball, FR, Undeclared, 3.69
Sierra Ferreira, Women's Soccer, JR, Biology, 3.74
Chris Flaherty, Men's Cross Country, SO, Finance, 3.66
Michelle Geesman, Rowing, SR, Business Administration, 3.53
Ellycia Halden, Rowing, SO, Undeclared, 3.58
Alex Heller, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.57
Lucy Hill, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.64
Mariah Hobbs, Women's Soccer, JR, Finance, 3.50
Lauren Infusino, Women's Cross Country, JR, English, 3.59
Kristin Jones, Rowing, SR, French & Communication Studies, 3.59
Nick Kerr, Men's Basketball, FR, Undeclared, 3.64
Leon Knoll, Men's Golf, JR, Finance, 3.69
Kristy Koenes, Women's Cross Country, JR, Political Science, 3.62
Katie Kuklok, Women's Basketball, FR, Undeclared, 3.53
Josh Landau, Men's Soccer, RS FR, Accountancy, 3.53
Grant Melker, Baseball, FR, Undeclared, 3.56
Nikki Parker, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.74
Taylor Paschen, Women's Cross Country, FR, Undeclared, 3.70
Hannah Patrick Rowing, SR, Religion & Psychology, 3.53
Erin Peterson, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.51
Olivia Schultz, Women's Soccer, FR, Biology, 3.73
Taylor Thomas, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.63
Linus Vaisanen, Men's Golf, FR, Finance, 3.71
Klara Wischer, Women's Basketball, JR, History, 3.53

USD BRONZE HONORS (3.49 to 3.00 GPA)

Name * Sport * Year * Major * GPA
Erik Anderson, Men's Cross Country, JR, Marine Science, 3.46
Christopher Anderson, Men's Basketball, FR, Undeclared , 3.23
Nikki Anderson, Women's Cross Country, FR, Undeclared, 3.32
Alexa Banker, Volleyball, FR, History, 3.33
Charles Blase, Men's Soccer, SR, Accountancy, 3.39
Justin Brown-Pinizzoto, Men's Cross Country, FR, Undeclared, 3.03
Madison Browning, Rowing, SO, Political Science, 3.23
Kris Bryant, Baseball, SO, Accountancy, 3.15
Hannah Bucklin, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.26
Mariah Butera, Women's Soccer, FR, Psychology, 3.19
Joe Carlson, Men's Golf, SO, Marketing, 3.38
Dillon Checkal, Baseball, RS JR, Business Administration, 3.13
Izzy Chilcott, Women's Basketball, SR, Finance, 3.31
Alex Clancy, Women's Cross Country, SR, Psychology, 3.43
James Cohn, Men's Soccer, JR, Business Administration, 3.16
Kimber De Salvo, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.23
Johnny Dee, Men's Basketball, FR, Undeclared, 3.33
Lindsey Eisenberg, Rowing, FR,Undeclared, 3.23
Josymar Escalona, Women's Tennis, JR, Economics, 3.30
Dana Evans, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.08
Thomas Fiskerstrand, Men's Soccer, FR, Undeclared, 3.15
Grant Forrest, Men's Golf, FR, Undeclared, 3.19
Alexis Gemme-Piacente, Men's Golf, FR, Undeclared, 3.22
Gillian Gorelik, Women's Cross Country, SO, Psychology, 3.48
Victoria Hambley, Women's Cross Country, SO, English, 3.03
Morgan Hamm, Women's Cross Country, SO, Marketing, 3.33
Jane Han, Volleyball, FR, Business Administration, 3.29
Katie Hoekman, Volleyball, SO, Political Science, 3.21
Jon Hotta, Baseball, SR, Biology, 3.04
Drew Ilijevski, Men's Soccer, FR, Business Administration, 3.49
Stephanie Jegat, Rowing, SR, Communication Studies, 3.20
Amy Kame, Women's Basketball, SO, Communication Studies, 3.30
Taylor Kendzierski, Rowing, SO, International Relations, 3.10
Sean Klauer, Men's Soccer, FR, Undeclared, 3.38
Brianna Lamb, Rowing, SO, Undeclared, 3.42
Chelsea Lucas, Rowing, SO, Undeclared, 3.35
Elissa Magracia, Women's Soccer, SR, Industrial Systems Engineering, 3.27
John Maheu, Men's Cross Country, SR, Masters in Accountancy, 3.29
Erica Mayer, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.17
Katelyn McDaniel, Women's Basketball, FR, Undeclared, 3.43
Mataya McNeill, Rowing, JR, Communication Studies, 3.07
Daniel Meade, Men's Soccer, RS SO, International Relations, 3.00
Christine Nolan, Women's Cross Country, SR, Psychology, 3.39
Sean O' Connor, Men's Soccer, JR, Business Economics, 3.38
Ciano Ordinola, Men's Cross Country, SO, Business Administration, 3.29
Janelle Oto, Rowing, SO, English, 3.03
Patrick Pohlmann, Men's Tennis, SR, Finance, 3.41
Lauren Rice, Women's Cross Country, SO, Communication Studies, 3.32
Dani Russell, Women's Soccer, SR, Sociology, 3.07
Kaitlin Soper, Rowing, JR, Environmental Science, 3.30
Clarke Spinosa, Men's Tennis, SO, Finance, 3.06
Shelby Staab, Volleyball, JR, Marketing, 3.17
Maja Sujica, Women's Tennis, SR, Finance, 3.03
Amber Tatsch, Volleyball, JR, Communication Studies, 3.05
Rachael Taylor, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.14
Garrett Taylor, Men's Tennis, FR, Undeclared, 3.00
Michelle Tran, Rowing, SO, Accountancy, 3.14
Tracy Vargo, Women's Cross Country, SR, Psychology, 3.13
Thibaut Visy, Men's Tennis, JR, Finance, 3.30
Michael Wagner, Baseball, SO, Accountancy, 3.08
Callum Whittaker, Men's Soccer, FR, Undeclared, 3.29
Morgan Woodrow, Women's Basketball, SR, Communication Studies, 3.29
Nick Youpel, Baseball, RS JR, Accountancy, 3.13.