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WCC Honors 139 USD Student-Athletes on Commissioner's Honor Roll
139 USD student athletes were named to Commissioner's Honor Roll.

July 23, 2014

SAN BRUNO, CA --- With the conclusion of the 2013-14 academic year, the West Coast Conference is happy to announce the 13th annual WCC Commissioner's Honor Roll, which recognizes student-athletes that have balanced athletic success with academic excellence.

For the third consecutive year, over 1,000 WCC student-athletes garnered honors on the Commissioner's Honor Roll for possessing at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale. With the addition of the University of the Pacific, more than 1,200 student-athletes qualified for recognition establishing a new conference record.

Only grades earned at WCC institutions may be used in calculating the grade point average for this award. To be considered for this honor, student-athletes must meet the following requirements:

1) Individuals must have earned a varsity letter in a sport which the conference determined a champion in the recently completed academic year.

2) The cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 must be based on a 4.0 scale.

3) The individuals must have successfully completed an average of at least 12 graded credit hours (non pass-fail hours) per term.

The conference recognizes those on the WCC Commissioner's Honor Roll in three separate categories:

4.00-3.75 - Gold Honors

3.74-3.50 - Silver Honors

3.49-3.00 - Bronze Honors


Below is a list of USD student-athletes who were honored:

GOLD (4.00-3.75)

Marta Stojanovic, Women’s Tennis, SO, Behavioral Neuroscience

Olivia Houser, Cross Country, SO, Accountancy 3.98

Julia Sherwood, Women's Soccer, FR, English, 3.95

Julian Ringhof, Men's Soccer, SR, Mechanical Engineering, 3.95

Leah Wargo, Women's Rowing, FR, Anthropology, 3.94

Ben Wylly, Baseball, SO, Political Science, 3.94

Danielle Mavridis, Softball, SO, Mechanical Engineering, 3.90

Taylor Housley Women's Soccer, SR, Political Science, 3.90

Anna Depenau, Women's Tennis, SR, Marketing, 3.90

Ashton Padberg Cross Country, SO, International Business, 3.87

Rita Kuckertz, Cross Country, JR, Spanish, 3.87

Noelle Devlin, Softball, JR, Behavioral Neuroscience, 3.87

Sebastian Smith, Men's Golf, FR, Undeclared, 3.87

Allyson Ward, Women's Rowing, JR, Electrical Engineering, 3.85

Olivia Gonzalez, Cross Country, FR, Undeclared, 3.84

Edi Utibe, Women's Basketball, FR, Undeclared, 3.83

Emily Dillon, Women's Soccer, SR, Biology, 3.82

Meredith Hoggatt, Women's Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.81

Cori Van Dyke, Cross Country, JR, International Relations, 3.81

Michelle Craft, Women's Soccer, SO, Biology, 3.79

Kalin Padberg, Cross Country, SO, International Business, 3.77

Megan Goodman, Women's Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.76

Amy Maddox, Women's Rowing, JR, Biology, 3.75


SILVER (3.74-3.50)

Olivia Sandusky, Softball, FR, Undeclared, 3.74

Mike Bosco, Men's Golf, SR, Finance, 3.74

Michelle Campbell, Women's Rowing, SR, Communication Studies, 3.74

Jennifer Lauber, Women's Volleyball, FR, Undeclared 3.73

Alaysia Brown, Women's Volleyball, JR, Psychology, 3.72

Nick Kerr, Men's Basketball. JR, Business Administration, 3.72

Kathryn Adamson, Cross Country, JR, International Relations, 3.67

Ellycia Halden, Women's Rowing, SR, Finance, 3.67

Sophia Ederaine, Women's Basketball, JR, Psychology, 3.66

Spencer Hoffman, Cross Country, FR, Accountancy, 3.63

Megan McNamara, Women's Rowing, SO, Psychology, 3.62

Karli Wittenberg, Women's Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.60

Joe Carlson, Men's Golf, SR, Finance, 3.59

Kylie Ordos, Softball, SR, Psychology, 3.59

Kristina Burns, Women's Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.57

Rachel Alvey, Women's Volleyball, SR, Accountancy, 3.56

Drew Ilijevski, Men's Soccer, JR, Accountancy, 3.56

Morgan Lester, Women's Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.56

Dani LeMieux, Cross Country, SO, Marine Science, 3.55

McKenna Wray, Women's Rowing, SO, Accountancy, 3.55

Alex Stimpfl, Men's Soccer, FR, Accountancy, 3.54

Lauren Sullivan, Women's Rowing, SO, Chemistry, 3.51

Gillian Gorelik, Cross Country, SR, Psychology, 3.51

Montserret Fernandez-Servitje, Women's Rowing, SR, Environmental Studies, 3.51


BRONZE (3.49-3.00)

Carla Kinnunen, Women's Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.49

Alexa Banker, Women's Volleyball, JR, History, 3.49

Amy Kame, Women's Basketball, SR, Communication Studies, 3.48

Sarah Kapple, Cross Country, FR, Undeclared, 3.47

Katie Hoekman, Women's Volleyball, SR, Political Science, 3.47

Mathias Dahl, Men's, Golf, JR, Business Administration, 3.45

Jonathon Murray, Men's Soccer, FR, Accountancy, 3.45

Regan Kilpatrick, Men's Golf, FR, Undeclared, 3.45

Matthew Beasley, Cross Country, FR, Finance, 3.44

Forrest Greenwalt, Men's Basketball, FR, Undeclared, 3.44

Erik Anderson, Cross Country, SR, Marine Science, 3.43

Chelsea Lucas, Women's Rowing, SR, History, 3.42

Brooke Jelniker, Women's Basketball, JR, Communication Studies, 3.42

Charly Swanberg, Softball, SR, Communication Studies, 3.41

Johnny Dee, Men's Basketball, JR, Business Administration, 3.40

Dana Prelsnik, Softball, SR, Sociology, 3.40

Thomas Fiskerstrand, Men's Soccer, JR, Finance, 3.40

Kylie Crawford, Softball, JR, Behavioral Neuroscience, 3.40

Tori Berba, Women's Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.39

Claire Miller, Cross Country, FR, Undeclared, 3.39

Joey Rocha, Baseball, SO, Architecture, 3.39

Hannah Saddler, Women's Rowing, SO, Mechanical Engineering, 3.39

Anthony McIver, Baseball, JR, Undeclared, 3.37

Erica Mayer, Women's Rowing, JR, Mechanical Engineering, 3.36

Alexandria Young, Women's Basketball, FR, Undeclared, 3.36

Katherine Hamilton, Women's Basketball, FR, Undeclared, 3.36

Merlin Hoeckendorff, Men's Soccer, FR, Accountancy, 3.36

Andrew Carlisle, Men's Tennis, JR, Accountancy, 3.35

Joey Dei Rossi, Men's Soccer, JR, Mechanical Engineering, 3.34

Michael Marconi, Men's Basketball, SR, Business Administration, 3.34

Colomba DiFilippo, Women's Tennis, FR, Undeclared, 3.33

Caitlyn Kretzschmar, Women's Soccer, SO, Political Science, 3.31

Ivette Gil, Women's Basketball, FR, Business Administration, 3.30

Colton Waltner, Baseball, FR, Undeclared, 3.30

Aiden Stinnett, Baseball, FR, Undeclared, 3.29

Mariah Butera, Women's Soccer, JR, Psychology, 3.28

Taylor Schmidt, Men's Golf, SR, Real Estate, 3.27

Grant Forrest, Men's Golf, JR, Finance, 3.27

Ashley Christensen, Women's Soccer, FR, Undeclared, 3.27

Janelle Oto, Women's Rowing, SR, English, 3.27

Victoria Hambley, Cross Country, SR, English, 3.26

Rachael Haase, Women's Rowing, SR, Business Administration, 3.25

Cori Woodward, Women's Basketball, FR, Undeclared, 3.25

Kinana McDaniel, Women's Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.25

Jenna Owens, Women's Soccer, JR, Mechanical Engineering, 3.25

Marisa Marsh, Women's Tennis, SO, Real Estate, 3.24

Patrick Hall, Men's Tennis, FR, Undeclared, 3.23

Shane Thompson, Men's Soccer, SO, Business Administration, 3.22

Taylor Sims, Women's Soccer, SO, Business Administration, 3.22

Cristina Morcom, Women's Rowing, JR, Communication Studies, 3.22

Jane Han, Women's Volleyball, SR, Accountancy, 3.22

PJ Conlon, Baseball, SO, Undeclared, 3.21

Brianna Lamb, Women's Rowing, SR, Accountancy, 3.21

Katelyn McDaniel, Women's Basketball, JR, Behavioral Neuroscience, 3.20

Quinn Taylor, Women's Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.20

Clarke Spinosa, Men's Tennis, SR, Finance, 3.19

Ryan Lesansee, Cross Country, FR, Undeclared, 3.18

Jenny Lahitte, Softball, SR, Accountancy, 3.18

Michael Turner, Men's Soccer, FR, Undeclared, 3.17

Fiona Murphy, Women's Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.17

Sofia Lavin, Women's Volleyball, FR, Undeclared, 3.16

Niccolo Piacentini, Men's Soccer, JR, Architecture, 3.15

Chloe Kaneko, Softball, JR, Psychology, 3.15

Abby McLauchlin, Women's Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.15

Spencer Dunlap, Baseball, SO, Environmental Studies, 3.15

Chloe Ferrari, Women's Volleyball, SR, Psychology, 3.15

Jennifer Travis, Women's Rowing, SR, International Business, 3.14

Matthew Smith, Cross Country, FR, Undeclared, 3.14

Daniel Reitzler, Baseball, SO, Chemistry, 3.13

Grace Hernandez, Softball, SO, Communication Studies, 3.12

Cailin Bridges, Women's Rowing, JR, Environmental Studies, 3.12

Taylor Hollins, Women's Volleyball, SR, Sociology, 3.12

Taylor Kendzierski, Women's Rowing, SR, International Relations, 3.12

Courtney Olson, Women's Rowing, SR, Marketing, 3.11

Grant Melker, Baseball, JR, Marketing, 3.11

Christopher Anderson, Men's Basketball, JR, Business Administration, 3.11

Christopher Spinney, Cross Country, FR, Undeclared, 3.10

Anna Auerbach, Women's Rowing, SO, Communication Studies, 3.10

C'era Oliveira, Women's Volleyball, SR, Finance, 3.10

Jessica McCarthy, Cross Country, SR, Biology, 3.09

Kameron Knutson, Women's Basketball, SR, Sociology, 3.09

Sandra Lozic, Women's Volleyball, JR, Finance, 3.08

Justin Brown-Pinizzoto, Cross Country, JR, Finance, 3.08

Jianna Bonomi, Women's Volleyball, JR, English, 3.07

Caitlin Rooney, Softball, JR, Accountancy, 3.06

Keira Nocetti, Women's Rowing, JR, Sociology, 3.04

Carly Naslund, Women's Tennis, FR, Mechanical Engineering, 3.04

Conor Brandt, Men's Soccer, JR, History, 3.03

Elizabeth Grant, Women's Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.03

Conner Jauch, Baseball, SO, Undeclared, 3.02

Therone Tillett, Men's Basketball, SO, Accountancy, 3.01

Jacqueline Altschuld, Women's Soccer, FR, Undeclared, 3.00

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