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WCC Honors 116 USD Student-Athletes on Commissioner's Honor Roll
USDTOREROS.COM WCC Honor Roll Announced.
WCC Honor Roll Announced.

July 24, 2013

SAN BRUNO, Calif. – With the conclusion of the 2012-13 academic year, the West Coast Conference is happy to announce the 12th annual WCC Commissioner's Honor Roll, which recognizes student-athletes that have balanced athletic success with academic excellence.  The University of San Diego had 116 student athletes named to the WCC Honor roll.

For the second consecutive year, over 1,000 WCC student-athletes garnered honors on the Commissioner's Honor Roll for possessing at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

Only grades earned at WCC institutions may be used in calculating the grade point average for this award. To be considered for this honor, student-athletes must meet the following requirements:

1) Individuals must have earned a varsity letter in a sport which the conference determined a champion in the recently completed academic year.

2) The cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 must be based on a 4.0 scale.

3) The individuals must have successfully completed an average of at least 12 graded credit hours (non pass-fail hours) per term.

Student-athletes received Gold Honors for having a GPA between 3.75 and 4.00, Silver Honors for a 3.50-3.74 and Bronze Honors for a 3.00-3.49.

Below is a list of USD student-athletes who were honored:

GOLD (4.00-3.75 GPA)

Carrie Baird, Volleyball, SR, Business Administration, 3.86

Cara Brown, Women's Tennis, SR, Visual Arts, 3.75

Laura Claus, Women's Tennis, SR, Psychology, 3.96

Michelle Craft, Women's Soccer, FR, Undeclared, 3.81

John Cutter, Cross Country, SR, International Relations, 3.76

Anna Depenau, Women's Tennis, JR, Marketing & Finance, 3.91

Meghan Hall, Women’s Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.76

Olivia Houser, Cross Country, FR, Communication Studies, 4

Taylor Housley, Women's Soccer, JR, Political Science, 3.87

Rita Kuckertz, Cross Country, SO, Spanish, 3.85

Dani Lemieux Cross Country, FR, Undeclared, 3.77

Maddie Levine, Cross Country, SR, English & Communication Studies, 3.8,

Amy Maddox, Rowing, SO, Biology, 3.78

Ashton Padberg, Cross Country, FR, Undeclared, 3.87

Emerald Raney, Cross Country, SR, Behavioral Neuroscience, 3.92

Julian Ringhof, Men's Soccer, JR, Mechanical Engineering, 3.97

Keith Stackhouse, Men's Basketball, RS-SO, Business Administration, 3.83

Marta Stojanovic, Women's Tennis, FR, Undeclared, 4

Allyson Ward, Rowing, SO, Electrical Engineering, 3.86

Sarah White, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.97

Caitlin Williams, Women's Soccer, SR, Accountancy, 3.91

Ben Wylly, Baseball, RS, FR, Political Science, 3.97


SILVER (3.74-3.50 GPA)

Kathryn Adamson, Cross Country, SO, International Relations & Spanish, 3.72

Rachel Alvey, Volleyball, JR, Accountancy, 3.53

Brittany Becker, Rowing, SO, Business Administration, 3.53

Mike Bosco, Golf, JR, Finance & Real Estate, 3.74

Jacob Bruce, Cross Country, SR, Architecture, 3.72

Michelle Campbell, Rowing, JR, Communication Studies, 3.67

Andrew Carlisle, Men's Tennis, SO, Accountancy, 3.52

Joe Carlson, Golf, JR, Finance, 3.5

Emily Dillon, Women's Soccer, JR, Biology, 3.73

Sophia Ederaine, Women's Basketball, SO, Psychology, 3.73

Mackenzie Entrikin, Cross Country, SR, Psychology, 3.64

Sierra Ferreira, Women's Soccer, SR, Biology, 3.74

Meleah Guillardo, Rowing, FR, Finance, 3.58

Ellycia Halden, Rowing, JR, Finance, 3.64

Jake Hallgrimson, Men's Soccer, FR, Undeclared, 3.53

Mariah Hobbs, Women's Soccer, SR, Finance & Marketing, 3.6

Drew Ilijevski, Men's Soccer, RS-SO, Accountancy, 3.55

Lauren Infusino, Cross Country, SR, English, 3.54

Nick Kerr, Men's Basketball, SO, Finance, 3.71

Leon Knoll, Golf, SR, Finance, 3.73

Kristy Koenes, Cross Country, SR, Political Science, 3.61

Kalin Padberg, Cross Country, FR, Undeclared, 3.67

Olivia Schultz, Women's Soccer, SO, Biology, 3.73


BRONZE (3.49-3.00 GPA)

Sarah Adams, Women's Rowing, FR, International Business, 3.33

Erik Anderson, Cross Country, RS-JR, Marine Science, 3.44

Christopher Anderson, Men's Basketball, SO, Marketing, 3.31

Hannah Andre, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.13

Alexa Banker, Volleyball, SO, History, 3.35

Jianna Bonomi, Volleyball, SO, English, 3.09

Conor Brandt, Cross Country, FR, Undeclared, 3.1

Justin Brown, Cross Country, SO, Accountancy, 3.16

Kris Bryant, Baseball, JR, Accountancy, 3.1

Christina Burns, Rowing, FR, English, 3.32

Mariah Butera, Women's Soccer, SO, Psychology, 3.34

Dillon Checkal, Baseball, SR, Marketing & Real Estate, 3.19

James Cohn, Men's Soccer, SR, Business Admin & Marketing, 3.17

PJ Conlon, Baseball, FR, Undeclared, 3.37

Mathias Dahl, Golf, SO, Business Administration, 3.43

Johnny Dee, Men's Basketball, SO, Finance, 3.42

Joey Dei Rossi, Men's Soccer, SO, Mechanical Engineering, 3.26

Kimber Desalvo, Rowing, SO, Environmental Studies, 3.13

Spencer Dunlap, Baseball, RS-FR, Environmental Studies, 3.08

Sheldon Ekstrand, Baseball, JR, Biology, 3.15

Chloe Ferrari, Volleyball, JR, Psychology, 3.11

Karlene Ferraro, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.06

Thomas Fiskerstrand, Men's Soccer, SO, Finance, 3.18

Grant Forrest, Golf, SO, Accountancy, 3.25

Alexis Gemme, Golf, SO, Undeclared, 3.2

Gillian Gorelik, Cross Country, JR, Psychology, 3.49

Rachael Haase, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.21

Victoria Hambley, Cross Country, JR, English, 3.19

Jane Han, Volleyball, RS-SO, Accountancy, 3.27

Alexis High, Rowing, SR, Finance, 3.38

Katie Hoekman, Volleyball, JR, Political Science, 3.37

Malina Hood, Women's Basketball, FR, Undeclared, 3.15

Barbara Ivos, Rowing, SO, Biochemistry, 3.27

Brooke Jelniker, Women's Basketball, SO, Marketing & Communication Studies, 3.35

Hailey Johnson, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.32

Amy Kame, Women's Basketball, JR, Communication Studies, 3.42

Taylor Kendzierski, Rowing, JR, International Relations, 3.09

Kameron Knutson, Women's Basketball, JR, Sociology, 3.04

Victoria Koch, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.04

Brianna Lamb, Rowing, JR, Accountancy, 3.24

Chelsea Lucas, Rowing, JR, History, 3.44

Erica Mayer, Rowing, SO, Engineering, 3.23

Jessica McCarthy, Cross Country, JR, Biology & Theology & Religious Studies, 3.02

Katelyn McDaniel, Women's Basketball, SO, Behavioral Neuroscience, 3.37

Megan McNamara, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.43

Mataya McNeill, Rowing, SR, Communication Studies, 3.15

Daniel Meade, Men's Soccer, SR, International Relations, 3.21

Grant Melker, Baseball, SO, Marketing, 3.26

Rachel Meyer, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.06

C'era Oliveira, Volleyball, JR, Business Administration, 3

Courtney Olson, Rowing, JR, Marketing, 3.07

Ciano Ordinola, Cross Country, RS-JR, Business Admin. & Finance, 3.42

Janelle Oto, Rowing, JR, English, 3.17

Daniel Reitzler, Baseball, FR, Undeclared, 3.03

Hannah Saddler, Rowing, FR, Mechanical Engineering, 3.45

Taylor Schmidt, Golf, JR, Real Estate, 3.11

Kaitlin Soper, Rowing, SR, Environmental Studies, 3.38

Clarke Spinosa, Men's Tennis, JR, Finance & Business Admin., 3.11

Shelby Staab, Volleyball, SR, Marketing, 3.26

Amber Tatsch, Volleyball, SR, Communication Studies, 3.03

Shane Thompson, Men's Soccer, RS-FR, Business Administration, 3.06

Jennifer Travis, Rowing, JR, International Business, 3.09

Stephanie Tucker, Cross Country, SR, Psychology & Teaching Credential, 3.49

Linus Vaisanen, Golf, SO, Finance & Economics, 3.42

Alexandra Victorsson, Women's Tennis, FR, Undeclared, 3.41

Thibaut Visy, Men's Tennis, SR, Finance & Business Admin., 3.32

Mike Wagner, Baseball, JR, Accountancy, 3

Christina Winters, Cross Country, FR, Undeclared, 3.41

Klara Wischer, Women's Basketball, SR, History, 3.32

McKenna Wray, Rowing, FR, Undeclared, 3.31

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