12 Days of giving to your Toreros!

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Dec. 14, 2012

Santa's Torero workshop is developing strong student athletes this holiday season.

We asked our Torero student athletes what they wanted for Christmas....

Your gift over the next 12 days will help the athletic department, or the team of your choice, cover the following expenses:

1 Academic Support- tutors, laptops, guidance, scheduling, etc

2 Equipment- bats, basketballs, shoulder pads, tennis racquets, golf clubs, kickboards, weights, oars, etc.

3 Travel and Recruiting- flights, hotel accommodations, meals, vehicle rental, etc.

4 Electronics- underwater camera, video camera, cd/dvd player, speakers, etc

5 Athletic Training Room- pre wrap, tape, towels, ice machine, rehab equipment, anti-bacterial products, etc.

6 Transportation-fuel for the team bus and team vans and the golf carts!

7 Office Supplies- letterhead, envelopes, labels, stationery, business cards, pens, sharpies, paper

8 Team Apparel- shirts, shorts, socks, shoes, pants, jackets, bags, uniforms, etc.

9 Team Banquets-meals, awards, etc

10 Student Services- SAAC, Torero Networking Night, Celebration of Excellence,

11 Facilities and Operations- Jenny Craig Pavilion, Torero Stadium, Manchester Field, Softball Complex, Skip and Cindy Hogan Tennis Center, Sports Center Pool, McNamara Fitness Room, Erg Room, USD Boathouse

12 Fowler Park and Cunningham Field