Megan Handley
Megan Handley


I have specialized experience in various levels of care of ED treatment, including residential, day treatment, and intensive outpatient care. Additionally, I specialize in sports nutrition as well as acute care/clinical nutrition, working with patients who are nutritionally compromised due to diabetes, GI disorders, bariatric surgery or other chronic conditions. I've been with USD Athletics since March of 2011.

What I enjoy most is the interdisciplinary `team' approach, where the different specialists work together and communicate regularly to improve the client's treatment outcome. In 2007, I completed a Master's Degree in public health epidemiology at San Diego State University. Currently, I am a full time public health preventive care doctoral student at Loma Linda University.

My passions include fitness-related activities such as running, swimming, surfing and hot yoga, going to music festivals, and spending time with my husband and puppy, Reba. I moved to San Diego at the age of 18, and spent my undergraduate years at San Diego State University, and quickly fell in love with this wonderful city and all that San Diego has to offer in the way of outdoor activity and nightlife.