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Game Highs and Lows

Game Highs Summary

Game-by-Game Highs

                                   2015-16 San Diego Toreros
                       San Diego Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 04, 2016)
                                           All games

Opponent                  Date      Score  WL    POINTS           REBOUNDS         ASSISTS          STEALS           BLOCKED SHOTS
at Southern California    11/13/15  45-83   L   12-SANADZE, Duda  7-CARTER III, O  2-CARTER III, O  1-CARTER III, O  4-KOK, Jito
                                                                                                      PERRY, Brando
                                                                                                      WILLIAMS, Tyl
at Western Michigan       11/17/15  62-74   L   13-HARRIS, Marcu  6-BAILEY, Brett  4-WILLIAMS, Tyl  2-WILLIAMS, Tyl  1-PERRY, Brando
at Cal State Fullerton    11/21/15  55-67   L   14-HARRIS, Marcu  9-OSHITA, Chris  2-WILLIAMS, Tyl  1-WILLIAMS, Tyl  3-KOK, Jito
                                                                                     Kok, Jito        Kok, Jito
                                                                                     Sanadze, Duda
                                                                                     Bailey, Brett
                                                                                     CARTER III, O
vs Loyola Chicago         11/25/15  57-67   L   20-SANADZE, Duda  8-SANADZE, Duda  6-WILLIAMS, Tyl  1-SANADZE, Duda None
                                                                                                      HARRIS, Marcu
vs San Jose State         11/27/15  67-76   L   21-SANADZE, Duda  8-BAILEY, Brett  3-BAILEY, Brett  3-BAILEY, Brett  3-KOK, Jito
                                                                                                      Pusica, Vasa
vs Drexel                 11/28/15  62-59  W    14-HARRIS, Marcu  7-CARTER III, O  2-CARTER III, O  1-PUSICA, Vasa   3-KOK, Jito
                                                                    Sanadze, Duda    Kok, Jito        HARRIS, Marcu
BETHESDA                  12/2/15   71-56  W    21-SANADZE, Duda 11-KOK, Jito      2-WILLIAMS, Tyl  3-SANADZE, Duda  3-KOK, Jito
                                                                                     Bailey, Brett    Bailey, Brett
vs SAN DIEGO STATE        12-06-15  53-48  W    15-SANADZE, Duda  7-BAILEY, Brett  4-BAILEY, Brett  5-SANADZE, Duda  3-KOK, Jito
DENVER                    12/09/15  47-59   L   11-BAILEY, Brett 10-KOK, Jito      2-PUSICA, Vasa   1-PERRY, Brando  2-SANADZE, Duda
                                                   Pusica, Vasa     Bailey, Brett                     Sanadze, Duda    CARTER III, O
                                                                                                      Kok, Jito
UC DAVIS                  12/15/15  61-55  W    16-HARRIS, Marcu  7-BAILEY, Brett  6-PUSICA, Vasa   3-BEDART-GHANI,  9-KOK, Jito
CSUN                      12/23/15  81-63  W    17-PUSICA, Vasa   8-BAILEY, Brett  4-CARTER III, O  1-BAILEY, Brett  5-KOK, Jito
                                                                                     Bailey, Brett    Sanadze, Duda
                                                                                                      HARRIS, Marcu
at Pacific                12/31/15  75-77   L   15-PUSICA, Vasa   7-KOK, Jito      3-CARTER III, O  3-CARTER III, O  2-KOK, Jito
                                                                    Pusica, Vasa
at Saint Mary's (CA)      1/2/16    46-79   L   12-BAILEY, Brett  7-BAILEY, Brett  3-CARTER III, O  2-SANADZE, Duda  2-KOK, Jito
                                                                                                      WILLIAMS, Tyl
                                                                                                      HARRIS, Marcu
SAN FRANCISCO             1/7/16    65-73   L   19-PUSICA, Vasa   6-BAILEY, Brett  3-PUSICA, Vasa   2-HARRIS, Marcu  4-KOK, Jito
SANTA CLARA               1/9/16    53-65   L   22-BAILEY, Brett  8-BAILEY, Brett  4-PUSICA, Vasa   2-WILLIAMS, Tyl  1-KOK, Jito
                                                                                                                       Bailey, Brett
at Portland               01/14/16  82-71  W    29-SANADZE, Duda  7-KOK, Jito      6-PUSICA, Vasa   3-CARTER III, O  2-KOK, Jito
at Gonzaga                01/16/16  52-88   L   21-SANADZE, Duda  6-SANADZE, Duda  1-FLORESCA, Ale  3-PUSICA, Vasa   1-KOK, Jito
                                                                                     Summy, Hunter
                                                                                     CARTER III, O
                                                                                     NEUBAUER, Cam
                                                                                     Bailey, Brett
                                                                                     Kok, Jito
                                                                                     Pusica, Vasa
                                                                                     Sanadze, Duda
at Pepperdine             01/21/16  58-76   L    9-CARTER III, O  7-FLORESCA, Ale  3-SUMMY, Hunter  2-SUMMY, Hunter  1-KOK, Jito
                                                   Bailey, Brett
at Loyola Marymount       01/23/16  63-67   L   17-PUSICA, Vasa  11-PUSICA, Vasa   3-PUSICA, Vasa   1-BAILEY, Brett  2-KOK, Jito
PEPPERDINE                01/28/16  65-75   L   15-CARTER III, O  6-BAILEY, Brett  4-PUSICA, Vasa   1-PUSICA, Vasa   3-KOK, Jito
                                                                                                      NEUBAUER, Cam
                                                                                                      HARRIS, Marcu
LOYOLA MARYMOUNT          01/30/16  77-69  W    23-HARRIS, Marcu  9-PUSICA, Vasa   5-PUSICA, Vasa   2-HARRIS, Marcu  3-KOK, Jito
PACIFIC                   02/04/16  54-43  W    19-PUSICA, Vasa   7-PUSICA, Vasa   3-CARTER III, O  2-HARRIS, Marcu  4-KOK, Jito
                                                                                     Pusica, Vasa
SAINT MARY'S (CA)         02/06/16  43-60   L   11-KOK, Jito      9-KOK, Jito      2-NEUBAUER, Cam  2-OSHITA, Chris  3-KOK, Jito

                                   2015-16 San Diego Toreros
                       San Diego Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 04, 2016)
                                           All games

Opponent                  Date      Score  WL    POINTS           REBOUNDS         ASSISTS          STEALS           BLOCKED SHOTS
                                                                                                      Sanadze, Duda
at Santa Clara            02/11/16  71-74   L   18-SANADZE, Duda 11-BAILEY, Brett  3-PUSICA, Vasa   1-SANADZE, Duda  1-BAILEY, Brett
                                                                                                                       Kok, Jito
at San Francisco          02/13/16  51-68   L   11-CARTER III, O  5-PUSICA, Vasa   3-PUSICA, Vasa   2-WILLIAMS, Tyl  1-BAILEY, Brett
                                                                                                                       CARTER III, O
BYU                       02/18/16  67-69   L   17-PUSICA, Vasa   7-SANADZE, Duda  5-SANADZE, Duda  2-PUSICA, Vasa   3-KOK, Jito
at BYU                    02/20/16  33-91   L    9-BAILEY, Brett  4-SANADZE, Duda  1-SANADZE, Duda  1-BAILEY, Brett  3-KOK, Jito
                                                                                     Kok, Jito        HARRIS, Marcu
                                                                                     Pusica, Vasa     BEDART-GHANI,
                                                                                     Bailey, Brett
                                                                                     NEUBAUER, Cam
GONZAGA                   02/25/16  60-82   L   13-CARTER III, O  8-KOK, Jito      3-PUSICA, Vasa   1-NEUBAUER, Cam  5-KOK, Jito
                                                                                     WILLIAMS, Tyl    Pusica, Vasa
PORTLAND                  02/27/16  85-76  W    38-SANADZE, Duda 11-PUSICA, Vasa   6-PUSICA, Vasa   1-PUSICA, Vasa   2-KOK, Jito
                                                                                                      HARRIS, Marcu    Bailey, Brett
                                                                                                      WILLIAMS, Tyl
vs Loyola Marymount       03-04-16  61-64   L   20-CARTER III, O  6-SANADZE, Duda  4-WILLIAMS, Tyl  2-WILLIAMS, Tyl  1-SANADZE, Duda
                                                   Sanadze, Duda    CARTER III, O                     CARTER III, O    Kok, Jito
                                                                                                      Sanadze, Duda    WILLIAMS, Tyl

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