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                                   2017-18 San Diego Toreros
                       San Diego Game-by-Game Highs (as of Jan 21, 2018)
                                           All games

Opponent                  Date      Score  WL    POINTS           REBOUNDS         ASSISTS          STEALS           BLOCKED SHOTS
at San Josť State         11/12/17  81-64  W    22-WRIGHT, Isaia  6-PINEIRO, Isai  7-WRIGHT, Isaia  5-WRIGHT, Isaia  1-PINEIRO, Isai
                                                                                                                       MASSALSKI, Ya
                                                                                                                       CARTER III, O
ROBERT MORRIS             11/15/17  65-53  W    17-WRIGHT, Isaia  8-MASSALSKI, Ya  6-WRIGHT, Isaia  2-WRIGHT, Isaia  3-MASSALSKI, Ya
                                                                    WRIGHT, Isaia                     CARTER III, O
NORFOLK STATE             11/18/17  71-62  W    21-CARTER III, O  8-GRAY, Juwan    5-NEUBAUER, Cam  2-NEUBAUER, Cam  1-CARTER III, O
LITTLE ROCK               11/20/17  66-52  W    20-PINEIRO, Isai  7-PINEIRO, Isai  5-WRIGHT, Isaia  4-PINEIRO, Isai  2-MARTINEZ, Jos
                                                                    WRIGHT, Isaia                                      PINEIRO, Isai
at Grand Canyon           11/25/17  72-62  W    17-MASSALSKI, Ya  9-WRIGHT, Isaia 10-WRIGHT, Isaia  3-WRIGHT, Isaia  3-MASSALSKI, Ya
                                                   PINEIRO, Isai
SAN DIEGO ST              11/30/17  57-66   L   19-PINEIRO, Isai  6-MASSALSKI, Ya  6-WRIGHT, Isaia  4-NEUBAUER, Cam  3-PINEIRO, Isai
                                                                    WRIGHT, Isaia
at UC Santa Barbara       12/2/17   57-67   L   14-CARTER III, O 10-PINEIRO, Isai  3-WRIGHT, Isaia  4-WRIGHT, Isaia  1-MASSALSKI, Ya
                                                   PINEIRO, Isai                                                       PINEIRO, Isai
at New Mexico State       12/6/17   65-60  W    23-PINEIRO, Isai  8-WRIGHT, Isaia  3-PINEIRO, Isai  2-PINEIRO, Isai None
                                                                                     FLORESCA, Ale    WILLIAMS, Tyl
                                                                                     WRIGHT, Isaia
N.ARIZONA                 12/9/17   79-51  W    17-NEUBAUER, Cam  7-WILLIAMS, Tyl  8-WRIGHT, Isaia  3-WILLIAMS, Tyl  2-GRAY, Juwan
                                                                    PINEIRO, Isai                                      MASSALSKI, Ya
at Colorado               12/12/17  69-59  W    20-WRIGHT, Isaia  7-PINEIRO, Isai  3-NEUBAUER, Cam  2-GRAY, Juwan    2-GRAY, Juwan
NORTH TEXAS               12/16/17  83-86  OL   18-WILLIAMS, Tyl  5-CARTER III, O  7-WRIGHT, Isaia  2-GRAY, Juwan    2-PINEIRO, Isai
LIFE PACIFIC              12/22/17  94-51  W    16-PINEIRO, Isai  7-NEUBAUER, Cam 12-WRIGHT, Isaia  3-WRIGHT, Isaia  3-MASSALSKI, Ya
                                                                    PINEIRO, Isai
SAN FRANCISCO             12/28/17  73-63  W    23-PINEIRO, Isai  8-PINEIRO, Isai  6-WRIGHT, Isaia  1-NEUBAUER, Cam  3-PINEIRO, Isai
                                                                    WRIGHT, Isaia                     CARTER III, O    MASSALSKI, Ya
                                                                                                      PINEIRO, Isai
PEPPERDINE                12/30/17  74-66  W    27-CARTER III, O 11-GRAY, Juwan    9-WRIGHT, Isaia  2-PINEIRO, Isai  3-MASSALSKI, Ya
                                                                                                      WILLIAMS, Tyl    Gray, Juwan
at Portland               01/04/18  81-74  WO   30-WRIGHT, Isaia  6-NEUBAUER, Cam  4-PINEIRO, Isai  3-WRIGHT, Isaia  2-GRAY, Juwan
at Saint Mary's (CA)      1/6/18    63-70   L   18-WRIGHT, Isaia  4-GRAY, Juwan    3-WRIGHT, Isaia  3-CARTER III, O None
                                                                    PINEIRO, Isai    WILLIAMS, Tyl
                                                                    FLORESCA, Ale
at Pacific                1/11/18   70-74   L   23-PINEIRO, Isai  6-GRAY, Juwan    5-CARTER III, O  1-GRAY, Juwan    2-CARTER III, O
                                                                                                      PINEIRO, Isai
                                                                                                      CARTER III, O
LOYOLA MARYMT             1/13/18   75-71  W    17-GRAY, Juwan    5-GRAY, Juwan    6-WRIGHT, Isaia  2-GRAY, Juwan    1-MASSALSKI, Ya
                                                                    CARTER III, O                                      CARTER III, O
                                                                    WRIGHT, Isaia                                      WILLIAMS, Tyl
                                                                    PINEIRO, Isai                                      Gray, Juwan
PORTLAND                  1/18/18   49-55   L   26-PINEIRO, Isai 11-PINEIRO, Isai 10-WRIGHT, Isaia  4-WRIGHT, Isaia  3-GRAY, Juwan
at BYU                    01/20/18  58-74   L   14-CARTER III, O  7-CARTER III, O  5-WRIGHT, Isaia  1-CARTER III, O  1-MASSALSKI, Ya