San Diego Competes Well At Pomona Pitzer's All-Comer Meet


Feb. 24, 2011

POMONA, Calif. - The University of San Diego women's track team, along with the men's cross country team training for the off season, kicked off their 2011 season at the Pomona Pitzer All-Comers meet.

Sophomore Kristy Koenes and Freshmen Gillian Gorelick lead the way with a few first place finishes in the mile and 3000, respectively.

On the men's side, Sophomore Chris Flaherty set two personal bests in the 3 kilometer and the 1 mile events.

"I feel that both the mens' and women's teams raced very well," said head coach Will Guarino. "There were many outstanding performances today."

In the 800 meter race, Emerald Raney (1st place, 2:22) and Christen Collins (2nd place, 2:27) raced well against tough competition.

Kristy Koenes finished 1st overall in the 2 mile with a time of 10:20 while teammate Gillian Gorelick finished 2nd in 10:26.

On the men's side, Freshmen Benjamin Condrea clocked in the fastest 800m time for USD at 2:02 followed by Justin Hayley at 2:04.

"I felt really strong the last 200m, so I gave it all I got" said freshmen Benjamin Condrea.

The Toreros look to continue their success on the track on Saturday, March 5th when they head to local UCSD to compete in the City Championships.









Emerald Raney                    Univ. San Diego              2:22.69    

Christen Collins                   Univ. San Diego              2:27.92    

Jenessa Rose                       Univ. San Diego              2:30.46    

Kirsten Allan                         Univ. San Diego              2:31.93    

Nicole Riley                           Univ. San Diego              2:40.65



Gillian Gorelik                      Univ. San Diego              5:18.89

Kristy Koenes                      Univ. San Diego              5:22.25

Jenessa Rose                       Univ. San Diego              5:40.16

Christen Collins                   Univ. San Diego              5:44.05

Kirsten Allan                         Univ. San Diego              5:44.11

Tracy Vargo                          Univ. San Diego              5:44.28    

Christine Nolan                   Univ. San Diego              5:48.27  

Mackenzie Entrikin            Univ. San Diego              5:49.39    

Lauren Infusino                  Univ. San Diego              5:55.06  

Maddie Levine                    Univ. San Diego              6:07.23 

Nicole Riley                           Univ. San Diego              6:09.03  

Victoria Hambley                Univ. San Diego              6:52.91 



Univ. San Diego  'A'           4:27.10





Benjamin Condrea            Univ. San Diego              2:02.12 

Justin Haley                          Univ. San Diego              2:04.99

Rudy Mendoza                   Univ. San Diego              2:05.95

Kevin Finnegan                   Univ. San Diego              2:06.45


Men's Mile: 

Chris Flaherty                      Univ. San Diego              4:21.92

Cameron Erhardt               Univ. San Diego              4:32.24

Jacob Bruce                          Univ. San Diego              4:32.96 

John Cutter                          Univ. San Diego              4:35.26

Rudy Mendoza                   Univ. San Diego              4:46.22

 Justin Haley                         Univ. San Diego              4:47.97

John Maheu                         Univ. San Diego              4:48.72

Kyle Carruthers                   Univ. San Diego              4:54.27

Kevin Finnegan                   Univ. San Diego              4:56.12

Benjamin Condrea            Univ. San Diego              4:59.81

Ajith Agrawal                       Univ. San Diego              5:02.00


3000 Meter:

Chris Flaherty                      Univ. San Diego              8:46.36 

Cameron Erhardt               Univ. San Diego              8:58.22 

Kyle Carruthers                   Univ. San Diego              9:16.67

John Maheu                         Univ. San Diego              9:31.52

Richard Mattingley            Univ. San Diego              9:32.93

Ajith Agrawal                       Univ. San Diego              9:36.44 


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