Toreros Put Up a Fight at Stanford

Jacob Bruce

Sept. 29, 2012

Palo Alto, CA - Our Torero runners got down and dirty this Saturday at the Stanford Invite, both literally and figuratively. With one of our high performing freshman Dani LeMieux going down at the start, our women were forced to play a little catch up. Even one of our veterans, senior Emerald Raney found herself caught up in the chaotic start, stating that she "had to catapult herself off two other runners" in order to rescue herself from eating grass. Despite these stumbles our Torero women pulled through, redeeming themselves against the competitive CSU Fullerton Titans.

Led by MVP Julia Lipson, placing 33rd with a time of 21:52, they managed to muscle out a 20th place out of 29 teams and put up an average team time of 22:53, exceeding their 2011 average of 23:01. However, Lipson was not the only one that stood out at this roller coaster of a race. Two honorable mentions were given after much review, the first to junior Gillian Gorelik who redeemed herself on at this exhausting Stanford course and pulled the rest of the pack, finishing with a time of 22:35. The second was given to senior and veteran Emerald Raney as she too carried the team with a finishing time of 22:49. The women's exceptional peformance under the conditions presented gives the Torero Women high hopes for upcoming weeks of their 2012 season.

"I am pleased with the way that the women performed today for they ran in a large high caliber field of teams. Given the fact that 5 of our 8 current varsity girls are Freshmen one cannot but be happy that this is a young developing team that will learn from this big meet experience." said Torero coach Will Guarino.



The Toreros raced without senior Kristy Koenes. She is one of their strong racers that lives for this kind of competition. The Toreros are looking to add her back to the squad in a couple of weeks.

As for the men, they were thrown into an elite field of some of the best in the nation and tested their speed, endurance, and heart as they continue to prepare for a strong performance at the West Coast Conference Championship. Making their first debuts on the travel squad were freshman Malik Hayes, junior Rudy Mendoza, and senior Ciano Ordinola. As the sun began to peak through the overcast sky, MVP Jacob Bruce led the Torero men, both the new and the seasoned, into their battle against the best of the best finishing with a time of 26:36. However, honorable mention was given to fifth man and one of the veterans of the group, John Maheu who rose to the occassion and stepped it up for USD. From our front runner to our 8th man, the Torero men fought through the grueling 8,000 kilometers and crossed the finish line with relief. They walked away with experiences that will better prepare them for the challenges they must continue to face as their season progresses.

"I thought this was an important race for Senior Jacob Bruce. He has gained tremedous confidence as he has lead the Toreros in the past two meets and has established himself as the race leader for the Toreros" said Guarino. "What is important for the men to believe is that we do have other runners that can equally race and distribute the pack workload away from the shoulders of Jacob."

The Stanford Invitational was an eye opening experience and a first look at the elite level of competition our Torero runners will face as their 2012 journey continues. Next stop for this travel team will be Bronco Invite in Sunnyvale, CA, however, the hopefuls of the Varsity B will be leading the Toreros through the eucalyptus groves of La Jolla this Saturday at the UCSD Triton Invite. (This is the closest we get to home... so missing this exciting race is out of the question!)

Women's 6k Results:
32. Julia Lipson 21:52 (5:52 pace)
95. Gillian Gorelik 22:35 (6:04 pace)
111. Emerald Raney 22:49 (6:07 pace)
167. Ashton Padberg 23:25 (6:17 pace)
181. Taylor Paschen 23:39 (6:21 pace)
198. Lindsay Benster 23:53 (6:25 pace)
206. Kalin Padberg 23:59 (6:26 pace)
231. Dani LeMieux 24:25 (6:33 pace)

Men's 8k Results:
145. Jacob Bruce 26:36 (5:22 pace)
171. Cameron Erhardt 26:56 (5:26 pace)
178. Malik Hayes 27:00 (5:26 pace)
185. John Cutter 27:06 (5:27 pace)
209. John Maheu 27:28 (5:32 pace)
228. Rudy Mendoza 28:12 (5:41 pace)
232. Justin Pinizotto 28:20 (5:42 pace)
238. Ciano Ordinola 28:37 (5:46 pace)

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