Toreros finish Crew Classic with numerous strong performances

USDTOREROSDOTCOM The V8 took second in the Cal Cup grand final.
The V8 took second in the Cal Cup grand final.

April 7, 2013

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - The USD women's varsity eight finished out the San Diego Crew Classic in impressive fashion on Sunday with a second-place finish in the Cal Cup grand final. The Toreros put in a strong race en route to a time of 6:47.09, which came in just behind Miami's winning time of 6:43.30. USD came in ahead of British Columbia (6:52.58) as well as a pair of West Coast Conference rivals- Loyola Marymount (5th place, 6:56.61) and Saint Mary's (7th place, 7:02.71).

USD finished in fourth place in the Cal Cup event at last season's Crew Classic and won it in 2010.

The Toreros got another second-place finish on the day by clocking a time of 7:14.40 in the women's open petite final for the Carley Copley Cup. In that event the Toreros cruised past Long Beach State, who finished nearly 30 seconds behind USD, but were edged by Colorado RC, which posted a winning time of 7:08.70.

Following along with the strong racing performances was the varsity four, which finished just behind Kansas State in the Karen Plumleigh Cortney petite final. USD finished with a time of 7:47.46, coming in less than three seconds behind KSU (7:44.80) for second place. The Toreros did defeat Iowa (3rd place, 7:52.82) and Texas (4th place, 7:53.27) by a solid margin in that race.

Rounding out the day's competition was the second varsity eight competing in the petite final for the Jackie Ann Stitt Hungness Trophy. The Toreros finished in fourth place in that event with a time of 6:58.58, finishing in front of Sacramento State (5th place, 7:02.62) and Texas (6th place, 7:04.55).

Altogether, it was a very successful weekend of racing for the Toreros, who look to continue their strong spring racing season on April 20 at the LMU Dual Invitational in Marina Del Rey, Calif.

USD Results
Womens Collegiate Varsity GFinal Cal Cup 1. Miami, 6:43.30; 2. USD, 6:47.09; 3. Brit Columbia, 6:52.58; 4. Loyola, 6:56.51; 5. Bates, 6:59.91; 6. St. Marys, 7:02.71.
USD: (Cox: Walker, Albertini, Kendzierski, Campbell, Lamb, Travis, Dornes, Olson, Elrich)



Womens Open Petite Carley Copley Cup
1. Colorado RC, 7:08.70; 2. USD, 7:14.40; 3. Long Beach, 7:42.43; 4. UCSD B, 8:00.22; 5. UCSB, 8:11.01; 6. UCSD A, 8:14.22.

Womens Collegiate 4+ Petite Karen Plumleigh Cortney Cup
1. KSU, 7:44.80; 2. USD, 7:47.46; 3. Iowa, 7:52.82; 4. Texas, 7:53.27; 5. St. Joseph's, 8:02.37; 6. Old Dominion, 8:02.84.
USD: (Cox: Soper, Romine, Kincaid, McNamara, Wray)

Womens Collegiate 2V Petite Jackie Ann Stitt Hungness Trophy
1. Washington St., 6:44.80; 2. Iowa, 6:51.75; 3. Duke, 6:53.58; 4. USD, 6:58.58; 5. Sac State, 7:02.62; 6. Texas, 7:04.55.
USD: (Cox: Mayer, Koenig, Ward, High, DeSalvo, McNeill, Petrich, Bridges, Rollins)