Third Day Quotes



April 24, 2005

Pepperdine University

Head coach Gualberto Escudero

On his team's performance today:

I knew [San Diego] had a tough match yesterday and I was hoping we could take advantage of that. They finished late, were a little bit worn out. In the doubles, we jumped out to a 3-0 lead in two, maybe three courts, and it was really nice to see. They came back and made it a really nice doubles match, but we won convincingly. I thought it would carry into the singles and have a good start, but it wasn't the case. They came back fighting in singles at all the spots. We came back and took over the matches and closed it out. I was very happy.

Sylvia Kosakowski

On the play of her team today:

I know we fought really hard. The first set was hard, especially for me. I didn't have my game on. Being away from home with the crowd and all was hard, but we pulled through and did pretty well.

On being the clinching match:

I had a little pressure in the second set. I felt like we were all really close in the second set, so I felt some pressure. Other than that, in the third set, I just breezed through it.

University of San Diego

Head coach Sherri Stephens

On the performance of her team today in the finals:

I thought we competed really, really well. Doubles we came out a little slow and once we got into the doubles, it was a little too late. We were down by too much. In singles, there were some exciting matches. I think it could have gone either way. I'm bummed we lost, but I think we finished really strong considering we only had half our team.

Emma Murphy

On her team's performance today:

I thought today was one of our best performances ever, including Florida State. Everyone went into the match because we wanted to do it for Kaz and Tara, so we took a fighting spirit and it lasted the whole match, but unfortunately, Pepperdine was just a step above us in everything. We just stuck in there the whole way. In doubles, they started of stronger than us and it took us a while to get into it and it was too late by the time we did. In singles, the same thing happened - they started off a little a bit better than us and we were slow to get off our feet. We were there, but they were just one step ahead of us.

On her assessment of the season as a whole:

Well, against Florida State, we had 11 match points and we lost. That basically sums up our year. The luck just wasn't with us. Hopefully next year we'll have all the luck and I'm just excited for next year and I think we'll do much better and get to the NCAAs.

On being named WCC Player of the Year for the second year in a row:

It's a great honor because all of my hard-work and dedication and being out on the court for three hours has paid off. I work hard and its obvious on the tennis courts. I'd like to thank my coaches and my teammates. Without them, none of this would be possible.

Loyola Marymount University

Head coach Jamie Sanchez

On his team's performance today:

I think what is happening in the conference is that there is a lot more parity within the teams. They are not only getting better, but they are believing in themselves. Lisa Alipaz is a wonderful example. She's done a great job with her Saint Mary's team. They are competitive and competition means they stay in the point for as long as possible. We had to fight to win and there wasn't anything that was given to us.

Santa Clara University

Head coach Damon Coupe

On his team's performance today:

Playing against San Francisco, who is a Bay Area rival for us, there is a lot of competitive spirit between the two schools. We knew coming in, it was going to be a war and that is exactly what it turned into, regardless of the 4-1 score. It was close and who knows what would have happened if we didn't pull it out. We just tried to get the girls set for that - it was the last match, third day of conference. We tried to get them to be motivated and positive to finish on a high note. We had a great year and it was fantastic all the way through.

On the future of the program:

I'm really excited about the future. We've got a couple of girls coming in who are top natioal juniors. We are only losing two girls this year. We have two juniors, three sophomores and two freshmen, with two incoming freshmen coming. We're going to be a young team. There's only going to be one place to go and that's up. The competitive spirit of this team and the work ethic that they've put in... I'm extremely excited about what's going to happen in the next couple of years.

Janelle Kaloi

On being the clinching match:

I really enjoyed having the support of all my teammates, just knowing that I could rely on a lot of the girls on the other courts to win. Usually, it doesn't come down to me... I was really nervous, but I was really glad I could win.

On the season as whole:

We started off really strong. For the first time in Santa Clara history, we were nationally ranked after a win over Cal Poly. From then on, we just had the confidence that we could play with tougher opponents. It's been a good year.

University of San Francisco

Head coach Hilary Somers

On her team's performance today:

Our team put up a heck of a fight and it seemed like it could have been over sooner, but they just kept fighting and fighting. Anna [Skogerboe] really stepped it up as a senior at No. 3, she really pulled it together to play perhaps her best match ever. That was great to see her win that. Camille [Pamart] showed a lot of courage today, especially with her injured left wrist to take it three sets. She came up a bit short there and I know she was really upset.

On the future of the program:

It's just great. The athletic department has been making huge strides and is making a commitment to it financially, supporting us. I just see it getting better and better and I see the whole conference getting better and better, which is a good thing.

University of Portland

Head coach Susie Campbell-Gross

On her team's performance today:

It was a good way to finish. Mentally and emotionally, it was a draining weekend and they came out on the third day and gave it their best again. That's all I can expect from them and we got it done.

On the team's year in general:

I would just say that it was a very, to the core, a very good group of people. They were looking to get better, young in some ways, so we look forward to the future, with them gaining the experience from this year. It's been a really good year, not necessarily in terms of wins and losses, but it was super productive and good for the program.

On the future of the program:

Christie Feyen hasn't lost a match all weekend. She's just a freshman and plays at No. 5. She didn't lose a match all weekend. For her, I see her improving. Lindsey Griffin, another freshman, was instrumental in doubles and she'll just keep getting better in singles with more experience. We have four new players coming in and we have the experience of those returning. I think our program is on the up and up.

Gonzaga University

Head coach D.J. Gurule

On his team's performance today:

I think we fought hard, just a couple of things didn't roll our way as far as coming to play all the time. I think we fought as hard as we could. A little disappointing.

On the future of his program:

We have three freshmen that played on our team this year, which is a considerable amount. We lose two seniors and pretty good competitors in Sirrah Williams and Angie Fry, but I think we'll have a young team that will really be able to come back, gel a little bit more, and really compete. Once they get a little taste of what they needed to do to play at this level, they'll be there. We got a nice win from our freshman Amanda Becker who did a great job. She's played at No. 2 all year. She'll be a highlight coming back.