Fast Times Continue To Roll At OXY

USDTOREROSDOTCOM Track winds down season at Oxy Invitational
Track winds down season at Oxy Invitational

May 11, 2010

EAGLE ROCK, Calif. - On a warm 78 degree Los Angeles day the Toreros kicked off the Oxy invite with an excellent opening in the 1500 meters. Kirsten Allan opened up the day with a strong personal best. She went out hard at first, and quickly positioned herself for a tactical race.

"I had great rhythm going into the last lap and really pushed the backstretch," said Sophomore Kirsten Allan. She completed her race with a 5:05.47 finish. Reducing her personal best by nine seconds.

The second race for the Toreros highlighted Freshman Chris Flaherty. Chris ran unattached and ran for the Morley Field Express. Chris was pulled by a solid fast pack to finish with a career best of 3:57.81. (4:14 mile).

"I still can't believe that I ran so fast, I ran 4:28 a year ago, and have consistently dropped my time throughout the year," said Flaherty. Freshman teammate Justin Haley also ran determined and kicked in a personal best of 4:08.55 (4:25 mile).

The 800m race followed with Erin Williams and Nicole Riley whom finished with a time of 2:37.23, and 2:45.08. Cameron Erhardt finished the race at 2:00.25. He ran a personal best and ran an excellent race which concluded in a solid last 200m finish. Marcus Lopez, Senior, completed his last race as a Torero with a 2:01.01, while Sophomore John Maheu finished his first 800m of the season with a time of 2:03.68.

Marcus Lopez concluded his last race by saying that "I wish I could have four years all over again. I have loved my experience, and am glad to surround myself with teammates that look and pull for one another."

The late evening set the stage for the 5,000m at near 9:25 p.m. Samantha Espindola, Tracy Vargo, and Senior Dana Dancey all pushed it from the shot of the gun and concluded their races with personal best results. Sam ran an 18:25.56, Tracy Vargo ran past the officials whom did not record her information and finished her race with a 19:05. Dana Dancey, Senior, was the surprise of the night. She ran with the ideals of no fear, and discipline to conclude her Senior race with a personal best of 21:43.90. This eclipsed her best by 15 seconds. "I would not have done it without the members of the team that cheered for me the entire race." I felt that we had a full team and have never heard my teammates cheer for me so hard." This was a great way for Dana to conclude her last and final Senior race.



The Men's distance group ran an impressive 5km team race. The Men all ran under 16:00 minutes, and two of the runners ran personal best while the other two came within seconds from their best marks. Freshman Erik Anderson lead the group and was able to hang tough to the front pack, he finished with a 15:22.21. John Cutter ran segments of the race solo, and never lost sight of the pack and pushed through with a 15:30.61. AJ Agrawal was able to reduce his personal best by 5 seconds which he ran the previous week, and Shane Smith's desire for competition shinned by also reducing his personal best by 3 seconds.

The Torero season has now come to a close. This race and season marked another important step for a team that loves a great fight and is unwilling to give up while chasing their dreams of getting faster.

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Women's Results:
Erin Williams: 2:37.23
Nicole Riley: 2:45.08

Kirsten Allan: 5:05.47 (personal best)

Samantha Espindola: 18:25.56 (personal best)
Tracy Vargo: 19:05 (personal best)
Dana Dancey: 21:48.90 (personal best)

Men's Results (all ran unattached under the Morley Field Express)

Cameron Erhardt: 2:00.25 (personal best)
Marcus Lopez: 2:01.01 John Maheu: 2:03.68

Chris Flaherty: 3:57.81 (personal best)
Justin Haley: 4:08.55 (personal best)

5000m Erik Anderson: 15:22.21
John Cutter: 15:30.61
AJ Agrawal: 15:37.10 (personal best)
Shane Smith: 15:53.34 (personal best)